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Offers of the Week

Audi A3 Sportback

1.0 TFSI SE 5dr

Applied Leasing Limited
Per Month, INC VAT
9+23 8k Miles p/a
£1750.95 initial payment (PCH)
Deal by: Applied Leasing Limited
01952 459200
Audi A4 Saloon

1.4T FSI Sport 4dr

Leasing Options Limited
Per Month, INC VAT
9+35 8k Miles p/a
£2178.91 initial payment (PCH)
Deal by: Leasing Options Limited
0161 6600 755

New Audi Car Reviews: Our Verdict

The Audi A3 Saloon 2

First drive review: Audi A3

There might be other cars that offer more thrills, but little matches the relaxed sense of serenity, combined with unequalled quality of the facelifted Audi A3 We all know what the Audi A3 is, it has been around for 20 years now and there’s close to a million of them on the roads.

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Audi RS Q3

Review: Audi RS Q3

An SUV that gets to 62mph in just 4.8 seconds? Forget thoughts about school runs and chelsea tractors; the Audi RS Q3 is more hot hatch than load lugger.

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New Audi Car Reviews: Your Verdict

Average 4 Stars out of 256 Reviews

Audi A12010 - 2015

Phil Worcestershire

Definitely one of the best new cars around, Audi have excelled themselves. It might be the smallest model Audi do, but it’s got everything you would want from the brand. The handling is superb, I’m very lucky to say this is my company car.

Audi A12010 - 2015

Simon Fletcher Oxfordshire

Somehow Audi has managed to pull off the improbable by making a top quality small car. It has all the looks and polish of one of their bigger cars, yet it is pretty cheap to run and to buy. Front seats; there’s plenty of room and on short trips the back is managable too, although you won’t get me out of the driver’s seat!

Audi A12010 - 2015

Neil Berkshire

Sold after 18 months as the reliability and dealer interest was terrible.

Audi A12010 - 2015

Shaun Tate Norfolk

I'm on my second A1. The first was a three door 1.6 Sport diesel manual which I had from new for three years and covered 88,000 miles. The things that went wrong were so minor that it's only fair to say that they were virtually insignificant. Above all it was a joy to drive, averaging 60-65 mpg. The boot was too small ,only having two side doors, very inconvenient for rear passengers. I had the rear windows tinted to improve the feeling of security when using the car as a two seater with the rear seats down for increased load space but the lack of rear doors remained a slight irritation. Not to worry, it was my choice after all. I'm three months and 10,000 miles into my new A1, this time fitted with the seven speed Steptonic gearbox. Since I got it, again brand new, it's been faultless however I do have some concerns over the gearbox but that only comes from my expectation of it and not any fault. It's just not as exciting to drive as the manual. It's always in the right gear at the right time, just as you'd want. However, for those times that you might like to stick your foot down for some oomph it's rather civilised in it's delivery instead of allowing you to use the rev range and hear the engine growl. I've had loads of automatics in the past, it's many times better. I suppose it's been a long time since I had one and enjoyed the A1 manual that I'd forgotten just home steady and composed an auto box is by comparison. My new A1 had five doors, it looks better and is far more convenient however my Dads new Polo is an easier five door to get in and out of. Audi really have made this feel like a compromise, almost as though there just isn't quite enough room to incorporate those additional doors into the design. The boot's the same of course, still use the car as a two seater very often. Economy is just the same at 60-65 mpg. For manual v auto I think that's great! I did used to grumble about the hard ride of my original A1 and was determined to order this time with the 'Dynamic Suspension' of the SE model. Now I grumble about body roll in the corners but honestly, I'd have the slight body roll over the bone crashing of the Sport suspension any day. No regrets about that choice. I'm quite sure that this car will be as ultra reliable as the last. It's a shame that the warranty expires at 60,000 miles, that's only two years driving for me but at least with a 19,000 mile service intervals and a prepaid service agreement I don't feel like it's costing the earth to run. I'd have another Audi, I'd have another A1. Let's see in three years time.

Audi A72010 - 2014

James Kahn England

With such a versatile car, I can’t understand why Audi have restricted it to just four seats. It’s wider than than the A4 and the A6 and they can carry 5 people!. Surely fitting an optional seatbelt and headrest in the rear would complete the great flexability that this car has. I remember that VW/Audi did Only offered the Passat CC with 4 seats and due to the obvious customer complaints about that, they eventually brought out a 5 seat option. You would have thought they’d learnt a lessson. Don’t buy until they bring out a five seat option unless you want your residual value to suffer.

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