What happens if a leased car windscreen cracks?

If the windscreen of your leased car develops a crack, the options open to you very much depend on your leasing agreement.

Some agreements, but not all, will cover the cost of replacement glass.

If you are lucky enough to have repair costs covered, then all you need to do is contact your leasing company who will be able to provide you with a list of preferred suppliers, and it is up to you which one you use.

If your lease agreement stipulates that you have to cover windscreen repairs yourself, then your best option is to contact a windscreen replacement company to get their advice.

The windscreen replacement company may well need to see the screen before a recommendation can be made, but depending on the extent of the damage it might be possible for them to repair the screen rather than opting for the more costly full replacement.


A crack being repaired on a windshield.
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There are a couple of important factors to consider when deciding if a repair is possible, the first of these being the position of the crack.

If the crack is too near to an edge of the screen, or if it is directly in the driver’s line of sight and over 10mm in diameter, then it is not recommended that a repair is attempted.

If the diameter of the crack is over 10mm and not in the line of sight it may still be repairable, but cracks that are too large just cannot be safely repaired.

It is worth checking your car insurance, however, as many fully comprehensive policies cover the cost of windscreen replacement, after all this is what you are paying your insurance for.

If in doubt, ask for a quotation for the recommended repair or replacement, then shop around to see how other companies compare.

It may not necessarily be the best move to accept the cheapest quote, but at least if you have a few quotes it will give you an idea of the approximate cost involved and may help you to avoid paying over the odds just because you took the first offer.

Regardless of your lease agreement, it is important to bear in mind that the windscreen of your car forms an important part of its structural integrity, and it is vital to your safety that the screen is in good condition.

Repair Early

With that in mind it is always best to get a repair or replacement carried out at your earliest possible convenience.

Small chips have a habit of becoming small cracks, and small cracks will only ever become larger cracks, so taking action sooner rather than later will reduce expense and at the same time increase your personal safety.


Prevention is the best cure for windscreen damage, although there is very often little you can do to avoid picking up a chip.

You can minimise your risk of damage by ensuring you don’t drive too close to the vehicle in front, and the lower your speed, the less severe any impact damage is likely to be.

Never use a sharp or hard implement to demist or de-ice your windows, and certainly never de-ice by pouring hot water on your screen!

If you need a windscreen repaired, remember to use a reputable and trusted windscreen repair company.

This guide to windscreen repair was provided by ShatterScreen.co.uk - a family run windscreen repair company with over 30 years experience.