Private Number Plates

Private number plates are a popular way of personalising a vehicle, and as interest in leasing increases one of the most common questions we receive is whether or not a private/personalised number plate can be put on a leased car.

Below, we’ve set out a quick FAQ which should answer all your questions regarding using a private number plate on your lease car.

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Is it possible to put a private number plate on a leased vehicle?

Yes, absolutely. Many personalised registrations are both popular and affordable, especially the prefix and current-style plates, and this is something you can discuss with the dealer or broker when you enquire about one of their lease deals.

Does it cost to transfer a private registration to a leased vehicle?

Yes, the lease company will charge an additional admin fee on top of the associated fees that come with leasing a vehicle. This is so they can action the transfer with DVLA. Fees may vary depending on the lease company.

Do you still own the registration if it's on a leased vehicle?

Technically speaking, no. This is due to the fact that the owner of the registration is the registered keeper of the vehicle which the reg is displayed on. On top of this, as the DVLA actually owns every registration, all you have essentially paid for is the right to display the number on your vehicle.

When finalising an agreement, the lease company will provide a statement in writing that they have no interest in the registration number and will transfer the registration number off the vehicle at the end of the lease agreement. This will revert back to you when your contract is up allowing you to use it on any future vehicle you decide to lease.

What is required to transfer a private plate onto a leased vehicle?

When buying a private registration, many of the reg numbers can be supplied on a DVLA Certificate of Entitlement (V750) within 5 working days – this applies to the prefix and current-style number plates.

From there, you simply pass the V750 certificate to the company you will be leasing your vehicle from along with the correct nominee name and any agreed admin fee. From there the lease company will will arrange the transfer with the DVLA directly. This should take no longer than 14 days.