Ex Lease Cars

If you are looking for an affordable nearly new car then an ex-lease or ex-fleet car could be the perfect type of used car to go for. Leasing and rental firms in the UK buy a large portion of all new cars sold in the UK each year, these brand new vehicles are then leased and rented to a variety of different organisations and individuals.

Hundreds of thousands of cars are leased and rented to organisations, for a variety of different uses from pool cars to sales rep cars, alternatively many thousands of lease cars find themselves on the driveways and garages of individuals that have opted for a personal contract hire or lease car to cater for their travelling requirements.

At the end of the lease car’s contract period, usually one, two or three years, the vehicle is returned to the leasing company. The leasing company then disposes of the car via a variety of channels and the car enters the used car market. It is at this point where the canny car buyer can bag themselves a bargain.

Well-maintained cars

While ex-lease cars tend to have higher mileages than privately owned cars, often they have been looked after, maintained, and serviced to a higher standard than a privately owned car. The vast majority of lease and fleet cars have also been smoke-free places thanks to the smoking ban, which means the car’s interior will be that bit better. Furthermore, the life of many small family, family, compact executive, executive, and luxury saloon lease cars is usually that of long periods on motorways and major A-roads being driven at near constant speed and in top gear, thus reducing wear and tear on the engine, brakes, and suspension. Shorter trips involve lots more acceleration, braking and gear-changing, so put a car under greater strain.

Good re-sale value

A further advantage of opting for an ex-lease car is that they’re likely to be easy to sell on again when you are looking to change vehicle this is down to the type of car which usually makes up the ex-lease market thanks to good standard specifications, high standard kit levels, neutral colour schemes, efficient engines choices, and no non-standard modifications. What’s more ex lease vehicle stock is predominately made up of popular, high volume manufacturers such as Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen, which means that on-going servicing and parts are shouldn’t be too expensive.

Finally, ex-lease cars can be a great way of sourcing bargain used executive and luxury makes and models, as leasing companies look to quickly dispose of high value cars returned at the end of their contracts.

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