Best Car Leasing Deals

With so many car leasing deals kicking about, finding the right one isn’t always easy. We’re here to help, though, giving you some simple pointers to guide you to the best leasing deal for your needs.

The best car leasing deals can often be found online, using directories such as Generally speaking, you will find much cheaper deals online because companies dealing with customers on the web tend to have fewer overheads. These savings are usually passed on to consumers through cheaper deals.

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What to search for

The type of car you want is also important. One of the key advantages of car leasing is that you can secure a car you might not be able to afford to buy outright. As larger, more ‘premium’ cars such as Audis and BMWs have high residual values, they can often prove more cost-effective than smaller cars, so don’t just assume you can’t afford a premium badge.

When to search

To find the best car leasing deals, also think about when you search. Most dealerships will have excess stock in the months prior to the introduction of new car registrations and may offer cheaper rates to help move their stockpile. Look out for bulk deals (many dealers buy stock in bulk to get a reduced unit price from the manufacturer) and consider scouting around at the end of the year; December is the month when dealers offer cheaper deals in a bid to boost their annual sales figures.

The Devil is in the detail, though, so remember to factor in the mileage limit, the car’s tax rate and its fuel economy before settling on a deal.

By doing your research and shopping around you’ll be far better equipped to find the best car leasing deals for you.

You can start your search for the best car leasing deals here.

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