Automatic Car Leasing

When it comes to picking a new or used car, one of the decisions many drivers face is to choose between manual and automatic leasing. Though manuals are widely preferred in the UK, automatic leasing is growing in popularity as automatics have many advantages.

Driving an automatic is generally considered much easier than driving a manual. This is because your hands are fixed on the steering wheel at all times and you do not have to break away to adjust gears, making handling much more straightforward. There is also no clutch to deal with on an automatic – which is particularly useful if you plan to use your car for towing.

Automatic leasing is particularly popular among caravan and trailer enthusiasts because if you are parked on a steep hill you do not have to engage the clutch to get moving. Automatics are also good for making starts on slippery surfaces – particularly useful if you take your caravan into a muddy field – because you can alternate quickly between gears allowing your car to rock back and forth.

Of course, automatic leasing does have its disadvantages too. Automatic cars tend to have higher fuel consumption levels, higher CO2 emissions, and can sometimes be subject to lower towing limits.

Automatics are traditionally more expensive than manual cars, which is why leasing an automatic is often the most cost-effective way of getting behind the wheel. Automatics tend to depreciate at a less rapid rate than their manual counterparts and so they hold their residual values well.

If you are considering an automatic lease, look into the types of gearbox available. Most automatics come with a four or five-speed gearbox as well as sport and winter modes. Positions on a typical automatic gearbox include P for park, N for neutral and D for drive. There will also be extra positions for locking the lower gears.