Top five cars for less than £300 per month

We’ve already checked out what cars are available if you’ve got a budget of £200 per month, but what if you can stretch to £300?

As monthly payments on lease cars are largely based on how much the vehicle’s value will fall over the period of the contract, premium brands that hold their value well are surprisingly affordable to lease.

With this in mind, you might be surprised at the level of luxury that you can snap up for under £300 a month.

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To keep things very clear, there will always also be an initial upfront payment, and the offers are based on a mileage limit.

To help you out, we’ve also picked out five of our favourite cars you can currently lease for under £300 per month*. So, what exactly could you get?…

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

If you can’t quite justify the price tag that comes with driving a full-size Range Rover, you might want to consider the brand’s smallest model – the Evoque. It’s been around a few years now, but it remains just as desirable as ever thanks to its great looks, acres of interior space and the cache that comes with the badge.

For less than £300 per month, a two-wheel drive model could be on your drive and, while it won’t have quite the same mud-plugging capabilities of its larger sibling, the level of quality and available kit will be identical.

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Arteon

Offering hushed refinement when cruising and sporty aggression at the push of the peddle, the Volkswagen Arteon effortlessly combines muscular styling with luxury motoring.

The fact VW has positioned the Arteon as their flagship model should show you that it is also more boldly styled and extensively equipped and as a result a more premium offering than anything else on their fleet.You want beauty and the beast? This car is both.

Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE - Image for illustration purposes

As fun as the Arteon is, a monthly budget of £300 will also see you in something a little more upmarket. Take the Jaguar XE, for example. It’s the brand’s baby model, so it does sit somewhat in the shadow of the XF and XJ, but it’s that compact size and range of frugal, efficient diesels make it the better choice in many ways.

As you’d expect to see from something bearing the Jaguar emblem, inside you’ll find dashings of leather, high-quality plastics and the very latest infotainment tech. If you aren’t taken by the German exec saloons, you could do a lot worse than the XE.

Audi Q2

Audi Q2

A car that suits almost everyone, the Audi Q2 brings style, quality, and class-leading features to the crossover segment as well as a range of engines for all needs. Most engine sizes are available for under £300 a month, from the small-but-powerful 1.0-litre petrol through to the 1.6-litre turbo diesel.

With a spacious interior, impressive safety kit, plenty of personalisation options and a popular badge, it’s no wonder there’s so many on the road.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C Class. Image for illustration purposes.

It seems we can’t do a listicle without mentioning this car, but it’s the Mercedes-Benz C-Class that’d be our firm favourite on a £300/month budget, and lots of you agree; it’s been one of the most popular cars to lease on our site for years.

It’s hard to think of more car you can get for your money – it’s got the desirable badge, fantastic handling, and a classy, premium interior. The only thing we think may be able to outshine it is the similarly styled E-Class which can also be had for less than £300 per month too.

*All figures correct as of 08/01/18. Images shown are for illustration purposes.

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