Top five cars for under £200 per month

Our price-busting articles on Top five cars you can lease for under £100 a month and Top five EVs and hybrids you can lease for less than £250 a month remain some of the most popular on

With this in mind, we thought we’d move the goalposts a bit and up the budget to £200 per month* – this offers a much larger variety of makes and models and opens up the search to some very enticing deals. You’ll be surprised at what you could lease for less than £200 a month.

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To keep things very clear, there will always also be an initial upfront payment, and the offers are based on a mileage limit, but if you want to drive a new car – whether that’s a sporty hatchback, an executive saloon or a rugged SUV – while not breaking the bank here are five cars that caught our eye and made us think “Wow, I didn’t think that would be so cheap.”

Ford Focus

Ford Focus

If you want a value family car that is a pleasure to drive, look no further than the Ford Focus. It’s got a reputation for ticking all the boxes – reliability, running cost and practicality – meaning it should be a potential choice for almost every lessee.

What’s more, the RS version was the winner of Best Performance Car in the 2016/17 awards. That’s about as big of a nod as we can give a car, but that will set you back a little more.

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail

It can’t be escaped – big SUVs are en-vogue at the minute and the car of choice for a large swathe of the motoring public. With this in mind, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Nissan X-Trail.

When we reviewed the big off-roader we were amazed by the towing capacity, off-road credentials and potential storage capacity. We think you will be too.

Seat Ateca

Seat Ateca

If it is rugged looks you’re after but don’t envision much off-roading or towing in your future, you might want to entertain the Seat Ateca.

With more space and better performance than the majority of its competitors, it’s also probably closer to a traditional car than any SUV has managed before. Having won our Best Small SUV award, if it’s your first foray into this burgeoning segment it’s a safe and wise choice.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes A-Class

Nothing says class and elegance quite like a Mercedes-Benz, and if you’ve not had the pleasure of driving one yet then it makes logical sense to start with an A-Class.

This stylish, premium hatchback is compact in size, features amazing running costs and is the most affordable motor you’ll see with a Mercedes badge.

Audi A4

Audi A4

As Audi’s landmark model and one of the most popular leases on our site, the A4 stands above and beyond its competitors in the executive saloon segment.

Often praised for its comfortable drive, sharp handling and swish interior, the Audi A4 continues to be one of the most popular cars on the road. Go on, follow the pack, you’ll thank us later.

*All figures correct as of 15/02/17. Images shown are for illustration purposes.

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