Tesla’s ‘surprise’ new product reveal is …. delayed

Even faster charging? Yet more autonomous driving developments? A Roadster 2.0? Whatever Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has planned, he’s well and truly fired up the rumour mill by confirming the company is to reveal a surprise new product soon.

Musk originally confirmed that the new product announcement will take place on 17 October, but in true Tesla fashion, he’s pushed this back by two days to keep us guessing for longer.

Elon Musk will announce a new Tesla product on 17 Oct that will be a "surprise to most".

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Speculation is high as to what we can expect to see, but taking to Twitter, the PayPal creator said his company’s latest development will be “unexpected by most”.

An event on 28 October will see Tesla share the stage with SolarCity, another of Musk’s companies. It’s likely a solar roof will make an appearance, while an ever-more advanced charging tech will be on show, too. Whatever we’re going to see before this announcement, however, will be something different all together.

So what can we expect?

A very real possibility is that Tesla will unveil its Model 3 in full, and give us a better idea as to its technology, but other have suggested it could be an all-new car, perhaps even a Roadster 2.

The original Roadster, pictured below, was Tesla’s very first car, but we haven’t seen an out-and-out sports car from the manufacturer since.

This is the old, Lotus-based Tesla Roadster. Could we expect an all-new version?

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Perhaps another viable suggestion: a major update of the company’s autonomous driving system system.

A Version 8.0 update for Autopilot was only recently launched, but Musk has teased that Tesla is forging ahead with the tech at a surprisingly quick pace.

So, it could be any of these things, or none of them. We do know Tesla likes a good surprise however, like when it unveiled its incredible ‘snake’ fast charger (above) last year.

It’s not available for Tesla customers at the minute, but you never know – maybe it will be soon? Think you know what Tesla is up to? Let us know in the comments section!

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