Road Safety Week 2016: Our five favourite safe car designs

All too often we get bogged down with sobering stats and doom-mongering when it comes to road safety, so for Brake’s Road Safety Week we thought we’d do something a bit fun and a bit different.

Teaming up with Miss Threlfall’s Year 2 class from Moorfield Primary School in Irlam, we asked the school children to design what they think the safest car in the world would look like, with an art prize going to the winner.

Moorfield Primary School with their safe car designs

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Each and every entry was brilliant, colourful, and extremely safe, and below we’ve picked out our five favourite safe car designs. What’s more YOU get to decide which is the best by heading over to our Facebook page and liking whichever car design you think should win. The photo with the most likes by midday on Friday 25/11/2016 wins.

Here’s your five choices:

Riley Sloan Safe Car

Riley Sloan has designed a very safe estate car. It not only has a parachute that comes out of the roof if needed but also has springs in the rear of the car to protect the driver from being rear-ended. There is also a slow button at the back for slowing down the vehicle if it’s going too fast and powerful lights to help the driver see.

If you’d like to vote for Riley’s car design, click here and press like

Xin Qi Luo Safe Car

Xin Qi Luo has designed a city car with a very colourful and unique paint scheme to ensure that it is seen at all times on the road. On trend with current motoring innovations it is an autonomous car, and it has a trampoline and roof opening if you need to escape the car in a hurry. Crucially there is also a bumper-car bumper around the vehicle to protect it from any accidents and a speed reducer at the rear.

If you’d like to vote for Xin Qi’s car design, click here and press like

Michael Riley Safe Car

Michael Riley has designed this very cool and very safe monster-truck. It has a safety spoiler for when you need to go fast, big lights so you can see everywhere, and crucially a button so that super high spikey wheels come out so you bounce off walls.

If you’d like to vote for Michael’s car design, click here and press like

Emily Wright Safe Car

Emily Wright has thought of everything when it comes to her safe SUV. There are spare light bulbs and spare tyres, an alarm to tell you if there is a fire in the car, springs to lift the seat up for extra visibility, a trap door if you need to get out via the roof, a rope with a hook, and most importantly a TV for if passengers get bored stuck in traffic.

If you’d like to vote for Emily’s car design, click here and press like

Mason Yates Safe Car

Mason Yates has some very cool features on his colourful and racy safe hatchback. Like some of the other designs he has also included a parachute to slow the car down and a trapdoor in the floor if your car flips over and you need to get out. But crucially his safe car also comes with a robot helper who can assist you with anything you need doing while driving – meaning there’s no more cause for driver distraction.

If you’d like to vote for Mason’s car design, click here and press like

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