CV Show debut for 2016 Peugeot Expert

Peugeot has announced that its Expert van will debut at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the end of this month, just hours after sister company Citroen announced that it would also be revealing its new Dispatch at the same event.

It won’t come as a surprise, then, to learn that these two vehicles share more than just a reveal date – they are actually nigh on identical.

Peugeot Expert 2016 Grey Front Dynamic

Like the Citroen, the Expert is available in three different body lengths and comes with a 1.4-tonne payload no matter whether you opt for the 4.6m-long ‘Compact’ or the 5.3m-long ‘Long’ variant.

Total load volumes, however, do vary, ranging from 5.1 to 6.6 cubic metres. This space can be further augmented with the storage solutions on offer, such as the straight-through loading hatch behind the passenger seats which allows more of the vehicle’s length to be utilised for stowing long, thin items like scaffolding. There’s a plethora of storage bins too, and customers can choose from a variety of seating layouts.

Peugeot Expert 2016 Grey Load Bay

Find out more about the passenger-carrying Expert – the Traveller MPV – and its Toyota- and Citroen-badged siblings

The engine range is also identical to that of the Dispatch, with 1.6- and 2.0-litre diesels offering between 94 and 174bhp. In all, there are six possible combinations of engine and gearbox, with the most efficient being the 114bhp 1.6-litre engine teamed with a six-speed manual transmission. Because this variant gets stop/start, it is capable of 55.3mpg and 133g/km CO2 emissions.

Other engine/gearbox pairings of note include the top-of-the-range 174bhp 2.0-litre with the six-speed automatic gearbox (46.3mpg and 151g/km), and the entry level 94bhp engine with the six-speed automated manual transmission (54.3mpg and 135g/km).

Peugeot Expert 2016 Grey Rear Dynamic

Electronic goodies are plentiful too, with safety gear like autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and even a clever traction control system designed to offer increased grip over slippery surfaces, but there’s also a host of kit aimed at making the Expert easier to live with.

The new Peugeot will be offered with satellite navigation housed in a 7in touchscreen, a wide-angle reversing camera, keyless entry and ‘hands-free’ sliding rear doors, which open when you move your foot under the rear bumper in a kicking motion.

Peugeot Expert 2016 Grey Interior

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