Nine things you can do with your now-redundant tax disc holder

The paper tax disc was scrapped by the DVLA at the start of October, ending a run of 93 years on motorists’ windscreens.

In days of old, motorists were required by law to display a valid tax disc to prove they’d paid the right amount of road tax (or ‘Vehicle Excise Duty’ as it’s officially known).

But because clever machines on police cars can read registration plates to check if road tax has been paid, the physical tax disc has been rendered redundant, along with the sticky plastic pocket which once housed it.

Many a motorist has grown fond of the dinky plastic sheaf over the years but as there’s no real need to display a tax disc anymore, here are a few suggestions how you could give it a new raison d’etre.

Picture this

Keep a picture of your loved ones where everyone can see.

Warning: may attract attention from stalkers and other bizarros, however in this case below, it may act as a deterrent.

Keep a picture of your loved ones where everyone can see.

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You’re feeling a little under the weather and a trip to the doctor is in order. To ease your achiness in the meantime, there’s some Paracetamol and Ibuprofen handily stored above your dashboard.


The tax disc is dead but could more be done with its online successor?

Mint condition

Rank breath is a crime. Avoid offence and social awkwardness by keeping some chuddy or mints handy in your tax disc holder.

Minty freshness is never far away

Everything you need to know about the tax disc’s demise

Note perfect

You’ve spotted some inhumanly horrendous parking and you just have to leave a sarky note to vent your feelings. Thank heavens you have a tiny notepad and pen to hand on your windscreen.

Useful too if you’re honourable enough to leave contact/insurance details after whacking someone else’s car. Also great for doodling or a time-killing game of hangman.

For when you just have to leave a sarky note

Lip service

Tonight could be a night for smooching and there’s some sweet-smelling lip balm in your windscreen. What luck!

Kissy kissy

Six in ten motorists still haven’t bothered removing their paper tax disc a month after the law was changed

In case of emergency

Here’s one that might actually be worth considering. We all hope it never happens to us but should you get into an accident and lose consciousness, keeping contact details for your next of kin along with any info on allergies/blood type in full view could be a literal lifesaver.

You can print your own emergency disc here.

This one might actually save your life

Rent it out

If you park your car in a spot with high footfall, how about selling your empty tax disc holder as advertising space?

Innovative companies are always thinking of fresh ways to get in front of new customers and make an impression. Your car windscreen could be the ideal platform.

How about selling your empty tax disc holder as advertising space?

Park in peace

You never have change for the parking meter and you don’t have half a year to set-up another pay-by-phone system. Fear not, you’ve got ample pennies right here. It might be an idea though to make sure this isn’t visible though the windscreen though, maybe place it inside a small bag before popping it into your VED disc holder.

Always have change for the parking

Do nothing

Even weeks after the paper tax disc was scrapped, one in ten British motorists weren’t even aware that they could remove their tax disc.

If you’re amongst that group and feel this decision makes no impact on your life whatsoever, as you were.

Even if you are aware that you no longer need to show you tax disc, you could leave it there for posterity’s sake; as some ancient antique which future generations can marvel at.

You don't care that the paper tax disc was scrapped? That's fine

What has become of your tax disc holder? Tell us in the comments box below…

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