Top five EVs and hybrids for less than £250 a month

With the government planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040 and diesel taking a thrashing in the mainstream media, you might be thinking about leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle for your next car.

With manufacturers the world over are announcing ambitious plans to move to these methods of power in the future, and with the older barriers such as range anxiety and lack of infrastructure a thing of the past, 2018 is as good a time as any to take the initial plunge.

So what’s on offer? There’s no doubt impressive residuals have played a part in making these type of vehicles more affordable, which is why there are several that you can now lease for less than £250 per month. See all deals below.

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We’ve also picked out five of our faves to help you out…

Hyundai Ioniq

IONIQ Hybrid 1

So you’re looking for an eco-friendly vehicle, but you’re wondering whether to get a hybrid, a plug-in, or perhaps a fully fledged electric car. Well Hyundai has considered your dilemma and made it just that little more difficult. Yes, the Ioniq is available in all of these guises!

This is a one-model-fits all that Hyundai hopes can quash the latest Prius and dethrone it from its decade-long reign as the go-to green car. Judging by its pricing and specification, it just might pull it off too.

Out of the three available guises we’d opt for the 1.6 GDi Hybrid model. It’s the entry-level option, but that doesn’t stop it coming with alloy wheels, cruise control, parking sensors and camera, emergency braking and Lane Keep Assist as standard. What we think you’ll be truly impressed with however, is just how affordable it currently is to lease.

Volkswagen e-up

Volkswagen e-up

We’re sure you’ll be acquainted with VW’s little Up – it’s one of the most popular city cars out there and is now even available in GTI guise. What you might not know however, is there’s an all-electric one too. Its 99-mile range and top speed of 80mph might not sound much, but it gets 210Nm of torque which makes it feel nippy around town, which is where this EV feels most at home.

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Ford’s Mondeo might not offer the cache of its German rivals like Mercedes’ C300h, but in petrol-electric hybrid form, it’s still a good car. It produces 187bhp courtesy of a 2.0-litre engine and two electric motors, giving it acceleration and performance comparable to that of a diesel Mondeo.

With combined economy standing at 70.1mpg, it should be as reasonably priced to run as it currently is to lease. Although boot space has decreased from 500 litres to 386 litres, this is still one of the most comfortable, practical and affordable hybrid family cars currently available.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

The Prius is the car that really kick-started the hybrid market back in the 90s, and while some sneered at the concept, 20 years later it would appear Toyota was way ahead of its time. Now in its fourth iteration, it makes more sense than ever to lease one.

Its divisive styling means not everyone will be a fan, but the 1.8-litre petrol engine and electric motor combo is a tried-and-trusted drivetrain and continues to lead the class in lots of ways. Official stats suggest it is capable of 90+mpg, while emitting only 70g/km of CO2.

It’s very well-equipped inside too, while Toyota’s impeccable build quality is as strong as ever. Personal leasing rates are now falling below that £250 per month threshold for the first time too, so if you were considering a Prius as your next car, now’s the time to take the plunge.

Suzuki Ignis SHVS

Suzuki Ignis SHVS

The Suzuki Ignis is a quirky looking supermini that stands out from the crowd. Its uniqueness isn’t just surface deep either – it’s also available with an all-wheel drive system, and if you so wish, a hybrid drivetrain.

The Ignis SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) is actually what’s known as a mild-hybrid. So what does that mean? Well, if we say a hybrid is a halfway house between petrol power and an EV, the Suzuki’s system would be a halfway house between petrol power and a hybrid.

It works by using two batteries, one of which is lithium-ion and stores surplus energy in order to power the car in traffic jams. But is it a proper hybrid? Admittedly it’s not as advanced as some others on this list, but with 65.7mpg on offer, it makes a frugal choice.

And for a little bit extra…

We’ll have to wait a while before sub-£250 per month deals become the norm (at the time of writing there’s only one). However, if you’re prepared to up your budget to £275, you can have one of the newest, most-advanced EVs yet on your drive.

For a little extra, how about the all-new Nissan Leaf?

Find out more about the new Nissan Leaf

Its 235-mile range is a 50% improvement over the outgoing model and, thanks to a sleek new design not dissimilar to the latest Micra, it looks great too. Cutting-edge features include Nissan’s advanced ProPILOT semi-autonomous driving assist as well as an ‘e-Pedal’.

This revolutionary technology that promises to transform the way we drive. It allows drivers to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop simply by adjusting their input upon the accelerator pedal. If it sounds like the car for you, check out deals for less than £275 per month here

*Images for illustration purposes. All figures correct as of 19/02/18.

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