The Leasing Evolution

The automotive industry is evolving quickly. Consumers want to pay monthly for their next new car and finance and leasing has quickly become an integral part of the automotive industry.

5,000,000 Visits per Year

We now attract more than five million visits each year across a range of devices.  Our fully responsive platform attracts targeted leads across desktop, mobile and tablets, ensuring our advertisers see a great return on their investment.

18,000 Enquiries Generated per Month

We deliver over 18,000 quality enquiries per month for our advertisers, more than any of our competitors. Consumers now search for contract hire and leasing deals across a range of devices, mainly in the evenings.

Average 36% Conversion Rate to Sale

Our aim is to drive quality leads to our advertisers which will convert to a sale. Our customer survey in May 2014 revealed that the average conversion rate from our enquiries to sale was 36%, with some customers enjoying conversion rates of over 70%.

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