Business Car Leasing

It’s no coincidence that leasing a car for business purposes has become increasingly common in the UK as more and more financially savvy motorists wake up to the advantages.

While some are turned off immediately at the prospect of paying for something they will never actually own, they also overlook how cars can quickly depreciate and rapidly plummet in value.

The fact that a new car sees thousands of pounds hacked from its value the moment it rolls off the forecourt should be enough to instil a life of leasing into any motorist, but drivers who lease cars direct enjoy more benefits than merely offloading the worry of selling their vehicle a few years down the line.

Apart from not being lumbered with any crippling up-front costs or capital outlay, one of major plus-points of business car leasing is that you are able to pull off in a vehicle that would typically sit outside of your price range if you were to buy it outright.

Monthly repayments are still part of the package but when compared to repayments on a car loan, these can be up to 55% cheaper. Also, in the majority of lease agreements, only a small deposit is necessary, usually amounting to three monthly payments.

The car manufacturer warranty will normally cover the period of the lease and maintenance costs can also be covered. Road tax is also usually included in the lease agreement.

There are further financial incentives in that by driving a brand new car every two to four years, you’ll enjoy better fuel economy and performance advancements found on newer models, not to mention greater safety. All in all, it makes attractive business sense.

How do you actually go about business car leasing?

If you are familiar with the idea of any form of leasing then it’s a very similar process. The key for any business car driver is to thoroughly research the market and decide upon a shortlist of makes and models of interest. Once satisfied with this shortlist, use a website such as to check the latest leasing deals and once a satisfactory deal has been found contact the advertiser.

Signing a leasing contract obliges you to make regular payments over a period of time, let’s say 24 months. Business Car Leasing deals are typically either 12, 24, 36, or 48 month long.

At the end of the term, you simply return the vehicle to the car leasing company and that’s it. In some cases, you may be given the option to buy the car or you could swap it for a newer model. Alternatively, there’s nothing stopping you from simply walking away.

Where do I go to lease a business car?

The ideal place is which advertises more than 1 Million up-to-date car leasing deals, including business car leasing – allowing the business car driver to compare contract hire deals from the whole UK market.

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