Will Tesla give the Model S and X a battery boost?

The rumour mill suggests that Tesla will kit its Model S and X models out with a better battery that could deliver a range of almost 400 miles on a single charge.

Leaked info from the Dutch Registration Agency (RDW) reveals Tesla could be launching a ‘P100D’ in Europe soon – potential range-topping variants that can manage up to 381 miles without a recharge.

A P100D variant of the facelifted Tesla Model S may be in production soon

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More proof of the P100’s existence comes from Jason Hughes, a Tesla customer who found references to a P100D in his Tesla’s computer software. A picture of a P100D logo has since been posted online.

When asked about the existence of this new model, Tesla’s owner Elon Musk commented: "good hacking is a gift” – suggesting that information on the P100D is accurate.

Jason Hughes P100D twitter pic

Tesla’s ‘Master Plan’ includes a whole host of new vehicles, including a Model X-based pick-up

The P100D will get a 100kWh battery, taking over the current range-topping P90D and its 90kWh battery. Despite getting a wattage boost, the P100D isn’t designed with more power in mind – its primary concern will be to extend range.

Any extra performance?

On the other hand, a 0-62mph run of 2.7 seconds has also been suggested – a tenth of a second quicker than a Model S P90D in ‘Ludicrous Mode’.

If it comes to fruition, the top-of-the-range P100D will join Tesla’s latest entry-level Model S variants – the 60 and 60D. The most basic 60 gets 248-mile range and a 0-60mph run of 5.5 seconds, but a simple update via wifi can increase performance significantly.


Will Tesla fulfil Elon Musk’s electric dreams?

Tesla's new 60 and 60D models are designed to create a new entry point to the range. The new 60 starts from £53,400, but still manages a 248-mile range, a top speed of 130mph and comes equipped with Tesla's autopilot software.

While the P100D is all but confirmed, RDW’s leak also included other model names, meaning there could potentially be more upgrades in the works – a 60R and 100X were mentioned, but Tesla is yet to confirm the existence of such models.

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