Press Release: Big freeze pushes 4x4 sales

January 12, 2010.

Big freeze pushes 4x4 sales

After weeks gripped in ice and snow, Britain’s motorists have had enough and are turning to the trusty 4x4 to get them moving again.

This trend is confirmed by the most popular searches on car leasing website,, which has seen the number of website visitors looking for 4x4 vehicles rocket.

With thousands of visitors daily to the website making searches for contract hire deals, the website quickly noted a change in the models making up the top searches. In the last seven days, nine out of the top 15 models searches were for 4x4s, top of which came the Volvo XC90, followed by Range Rover Sport and the Land Rover Discovery*.

“Weeks of travel disruptions and in many cases, simply being unable to get to work at all has made motorists despair and rethink their vehicle choice. Colleagues who successfully made it through were often in well-equipped 4x4 vehicles and the reassurance that these vehicles can provide, not just to keep going but to do so safely, has mass appeal to disheartened commuters,” explains Marketing Manager for, Richard Lawton.

“Motorists who have had their cars damaged or even written-off by the icy conditions are particularly keen to ensure their next vehicle can withstand the challenge presented by UK roads.

“With more ice and snow predicted for the rest of the month, now is an excellent time for drivers to make sure they are ready,” concludes Lawton.


Notes to Editors:

1. * In order, with the most popular first, the complete top 15 searches: Volvo XC90 (4X4), Range Rover Sport (4x4), Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Land Rover Discovery (4x4), Land Rover Freelander (4X4), Audi A5, Audi Q5 (4X4), BMW X5 (4X4), Audi Q7 (4X4), Audi A6, Nissan Qashqai (4x4), Audi TT Coupe, Mercedes-Benz M-Class (4x4) and the Audi A3.

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