Ford Mustang appears at the top of the Empire State Building

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As stunts go Ford’s latest takes some beating, with the Blue Oval’s 2015 Mustang appearing 1,000ft above Manhattan! Celebrating the new model and 50 years of the iconic nameplate, a Mustang convertible can be seen on the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building and the new model is only the second time a car has been displayed on the open-air deck. Back in October 1965 a Mustang convertible was sliced into four sections to allow the engineering team to fit the bits into the build...

Author: Richard Lawton, Apr 17 2014
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Mystery man splashes cash on personalised registration

How much would you pay for a personalised registration plate? According to report, a Norwich-based businessman has forked out an incredible £17,000 for the registration 1 HFH – and plans to save it for his five-week old son. The bidder, who wants to remain anonymous, bought the registration durin...

Author: Paul Lucas, Jul 30 2011
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MP scoops road safety award

Safety improvements on a road plagued with casualties have helped Sherwood MP Mark Spencer to a Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Month award from charity Brake. The A614 is a single carriageway rural road which has seen two fatal crashes – claiming eight lives – during the last 18 months alone. I...

Author: Paul Lucas, Jul 30 2011
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Car tips: How to use your indicators

IAM Drive & Survive, the driver training specialist, has issued more of its weekly motoring tips, this time focusing on when to use your indicators. It advises that you should always give clear signals when they are required as not signalling when you need to is both annoying and potentially da...

Author: Paul Lucas, Jul 30 2011
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