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Ford Focus ST Mountune 2015 Silver Front Static

Ford launches 271bhp Mountune tuning kit for Focus ST

Ford is now offering its petrol-powered Focus ST hot hatchback with a performance upgrade from tuning company Mountune. The upgrade comprises a new intercooler, a new air filter and a specially developed engine software upgrade to take the power output from 247bhp to 271, as well as upping torque output from 345Nm to 400. As a result, 0-62mph takes just 5.7 seconds, making the Mountune 0.8 seconds faster than the standard Focus ST. Customers can have the Mountune kit retrofitted by a Ford dealer for £1,195 plus fitting, although anyone leasing a vehicle would be well advised to liaise w...

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  • 12 hours ago
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

Top five plug-in hybrids

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are sometimes criticised for being a cop outs and/or ‘half-baked’ electric cars, but we think that if employed correctly, they can offer all the advantages of electric motoring without any of the drawbacks. Many of them, for example, boast enough electric range to be used as electric cars during the week, yet they still retain the ability to make the longer trips an internal combustion engine allows. So opting for a PHEV makes sense, but the question of which to go for still burns. Here’s a list of our favourites to help make your decision a little easier. Audi A3...

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  • 29 Sep 2015
Nissan Pulsar 190 Front Static

Driven: Nissan Pulsar DIG-T 190

We’ve always thought the entirely competent but also entirely dull Nissan Pulsar needed a little life injected into it, and our prayers appeared to have been answered when the DIG-T 190 was revealed earlier this year. The recipe is fairly simple – the 190 is essentially a high-spec Pulsar with a 187bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine stowed away under the bonnet – but is it enough to bring Nissan’s new family hatchback up to speed? Check out all our Nissan Pulsar leasing deals: business / personal Not that dramatic With over 100 fewer horses than a Honda Civic Type R, there’s no question of t...

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  • 4 days ago

Days Contract Hire gets new sales manager

Days Contract Hire has announced the appointment of Tim Johnson to head up its sales team. Johnson previously held a senior sales management position at Volkswagen Group Leasing and brings 28 years of industry experience to the role. The Swansea-based firm has been offering leasing and fleet management services to British companies for 25 years, and Johnson has been brought in to improve existing client services, as well as enlarging the client base. His appointment is part of the company’s plans to expand the sales team across the UK over the next few months. Days Contract Hire’s dir...

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  • 28 Sep 2015

Business Car Leasing

Business car leasing and paying a fixed monthly rate is considered the most effective way of preventing car depreciation and controlling fleet operating costs. Aside from fuel costs, depreciation is the biggest financial burden for fleets as improving residual values are cancelled out by rising list prices.

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Personal Car Leasing

Car leasing is the most cost effective way of getting hold of that car you've always wanted. You'll never actually own the car, but you'll be able to drive it for a set period of time and simply hand it back to the leasing company without the worry of selling it on for a fraction of the price you paid in the first place.

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Business Van Leasing

Vans are what make businesses move, literally, and as with company car leasing, the monthly leasing costs can be offset against businesses' taxable profits, making it a tax efficient avenue. It's also a lot more palatable and manageable than losing a wedge in depreciation.

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Leasing Guides

You're unsure on whether to buy or lease your next car? Not sure whether to take a company car or cash allowance? Sold on the idea of leasing your company vehicles but a little hazy on Benefit In Kind and advisory fuel rates? You'll need our easy-to-digest leasing guides.

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