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Citroen C1 Furio front n/s

Sporty looks for new Citroen C1 Furio

Citroen has revealed a new motorsport-inspired model will join the C1 line up. Available from August, the C1 ‘Furio’ gets several exterior enhancements, but keeps the economical engines. Designed with young drivers in mind, the city car gets unique 15in alloy wheels, a special graphics kit and bright red door mirrors. To the rear, a faux-diffuser beefs up the bumper, while the centre-exit exhaust makes sure it’s easily marked out from more ordinary C1s. Find the best Citroen C1 lease deals: business / personal The Furio is based on the mid-range ‘Feel’ edition, which means there’s two petr...

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1979 Ford Escort 1 6 Ghia HR

Turning back the clock: Five things you don’t find in cars anymore

Things that were once luxuries are now taken for granted. Power steering, electric windows, central locking – a few years back, it’d be a rare to find these on even the most opulent of cars. Of course, things are very different today – new superminis get more tech than the luxury saloons of the 90s. To remind ourselves how far car design has moved on, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane and had a look at some must-have options and accessories of days gone by. We’re not sure any deserve a renaissance, but they are testament to how far design and technology (not to mention taste) has develop...

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First drive review: Ford Edge

If you’re looking at this and thinking ‘that car looks quite American’ then you won’t be surprised to learn that the Ford Edge has been sold in the US for a few years now. Making the leap across the Atlantic, the Edge has arrived here with a few changes made to appeal to British tastes, not least the replacing of a thirsty petrol V6 engine with a more wallet friendly 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel. That means we get 207bhp and performance figures that are just the right side of sufficient; the 0-62mpg dash is despatched in a leisurely 9.4 seconds, while it can continue on up to 131mph if you’re...

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BVRLA releases guide on vehicle funding

To make sure business and personal customers know which options are best for them, the BVRLA has published a new guide on vehicle funding. It includes everything you need to know regarding Personal and Business Contract Hire, as well as covering the negatives and positives of buying vehicles outright. Published in conjunction with Grant Thornton UK LLP, it has been created so that personal and business customers are aware of the best finance options. With an entire section dedicated to employee benefits, it lays out key information regarding Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax, employer-provided fue...

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Business Car Leasing

Business car leasing and paying a fixed monthly rate is considered the most effective way of preventing car depreciation and controlling fleet operating costs. Aside from fuel costs, depreciation is the biggest financial burden for fleets as improving residual values are cancelled out by rising list prices.

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Personal Car Leasing

Car leasing is the most cost effective way of getting hold of that car you've always wanted. You'll never actually own the car, but you'll be able to drive it for a set period of time and simply hand it back to the leasing company without the worry of selling it on for a fraction of the price you paid in the first place.

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Business Van Leasing

Vans are what make businesses move, literally, and as with company car leasing, the monthly leasing costs can be offset against businesses' taxable profits, making it a tax efficient avenue. It's also a lot more palatable and manageable than losing a wedge in depreciation.

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Leasing Guides

You're unsure on whether to buy or lease your next car? Not sure whether to take a company car or cash allowance? Sold on the idea of leasing your company vehicles but a little hazy on Benefit In Kind and advisory fuel rates? You'll need our easy-to-digest leasing guides.

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