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Mercedes Benz Generation EQ front

Mercedes-Benz looks to the future with Generation EQ concept

When it comes to EV innovation and forecasting, Paris seems to be the place to be with VW debuting its forward thinking I.D. concept. Not to be outdone, Mercedes-Benz has also been showing off with the reveal of their Generation EQ - an electric concept vehicle with the appearance of a sporty SUV coupe. Celebrating its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show, Generation EQ is the forerunner of Mercedes-Benz's new product brand for electric mobility. The dynamic exterior design underlines the focus on the powerful electric drive system, comprised of two electric motors, with a system out...

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Range Rover Evoque Covertible.

Top five cars for all seasons

The British weather is notoriously fickle. All you have do is cast your mind back a couple of days to see first-hand just how extreme it can be, as we went from scorching sun to dreadful downpours in mere hours. When it comes to choosing a car, this extreme variety of weather can make a hard choice even harder. While you may want a nice soft-top, say the new Fiat Spider 124, you’re quickly faced with the reality that you’ll probably only get to feel the air flowing through your hair 14 days out of 365 (if you’re lucky). Similarly, you may think that a legit off-roader such as a Toyota Hil...

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Review: Volvo V90

There is something warm about a Volvo. I had a V60 Cross Country for almost a year and while I never fell in love with the car, it grew on me in such a way that I made an attempt to buy it once it was taken away from me. Sadly, writing about nice cars doesn’t mean I can afford nice cars. The V60 represented the last generation of Volvo cars though, so how good must the new V90 model be? To cut to the chase, every bit as good as you imagine, but it still might not be right for you. The new V90 shares a lot of its underpinnings with the massive XC90 SUV, a car that’s been incredibly well ...

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The University of Birmingham will be using a fleet Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell to complete the challenge.

Lex Autolease partners up for Hydrogen challenge

Lex Autolease, the UK’s biggest fleet management service, has teamed up with a university to take part in this year’s MPG Marathon, but there’s a twist. The car of choice is powered by hydrogen. The challenge aims to highlight the benefit of fuel efficient driving, and acts as a showcase for some of the most innovative and eco-friendly cars on the road – including hydrogen power. Competitors must achieve the highest possible MPG figure for the chosen vehicle which, in the University’s case, happens to be a hydrogen-powered Hyundai ix35 – one of its own fleet cars. “The University of Bi...

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Business Car Leasing

Business car leasing and paying a fixed monthly rate is considered the most effective way of preventing car depreciation and controlling fleet operating costs. Aside from fuel costs, depreciation is the biggest financial burden for fleets as improving residual values are cancelled out by rising list prices.

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Personal Car Leasing

Car leasing is the most cost effective way of getting hold of that car you've always wanted. You'll never actually own the car, but you'll be able to drive it for a set period of time and simply hand it back to the leasing company without the worry of selling it on for a fraction of the price you paid in the first place.

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Business Van Leasing

Vans are what make businesses move, literally, and as with company car leasing, the monthly leasing costs can be offset against businesses' taxable profits, making it a tax efficient avenue. It's also a lot more palatable and manageable than losing a wedge in depreciation.

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Leasing Guides

You're unsure on whether to buy or lease your next car? Not sure whether to take a company car or cash allowance? Sold on the idea of leasing your company vehicles but a little hazy on Benefit In Kind and advisory fuel rates? You'll need our easy-to-digest leasing guides.

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